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JavaScript Reference

Object-oriented scripting language.

Most popular scripting language on the internet and works in all major browsers.

JS Objects:

Array length
concat() join() pop() push() reverse() shift() slice() sort() splice() toString() unshift() valueOf()
Boolean toString() valueOf()
Date getDate() getDay() getFullYear() getHours() getMilliseconds() getMinutes() getMonth() getSeconds() getTime() getTimezoneOffset() getUTCDate() getUTCDay() getUTCFullYear() getUTCHours() getUTCMilliseconds() getUTCMinutes() getUTCMonth() getUTCSeconds() getYear() parse() setDate() setFullYear() setHours() setMilliseconds() setMinutes() setMonth() setSeconds() setTime() setUTCDate() setUTCFullYear() setUTCHours() setUTCMilliseconds() setUTCMinutes() setUTCMonth() setUTCSeconds() setYear() toDateString() toGMTString() toLocaleDateString() toLocaleTimeString() toLocaleString() toString() toTimeString() toUTCString() UTC() valueOf()
Math E, LN2, LN10, LOG2E, LOG10E, PI, SQRT1_2, SQRT2
  abs(x) acos(x) asin(x) atan(x) atan2(y,x) ceil(x) cos(x) exp(x) floor(x) log(x) max(x,y,z,...,n) min(x,y,z,...,n) pow(x,y) random() round(x) sin(x) sqrt(x) tan(x)
toExponential(x) toFixed(x) toPrecision(x) toString() valueOf()
String length
charAt() charCodeAt() concat() fromCharCode() indexOf() lastIndexOf() match() replace() search() slice() split() substr() substring() toLowerCase() toUpperCase() valueOf()
RegExp global, ignoreCase, lastIndex, multiline, source
compile() exec() test()
Global Infinity, NaN, undefined
decodeURI() decodeURIComponent() encodeURI() encodeURIComponent() escape() eval() isFinite() isNaN() Number() parseFloat() parseInt() String() unescape()

Browser Objects:

Window closed, defaultStatus, document, frames, history, innerHeight, innerWidth, length, location, name, navigator, opener, outerHeight, outerWidth, pageXOffset, pageYOffset, parent, screen, screenLeft, screenTop, screenX, screenY, self, status, top
alert() blur() clearInterval() clearTimeout() close() confirm() createPopup() focus() moveBy() moveTo() open() print() prompt() resizeBy() resizeTo() scroll() scrollBy() scrollTo() setInterval() setTimeout()
Navigator appCodeName, appName, appVersion, cookieEnabled, platform, userAgent
javaEnabled() taintEnabled()
Screen availHeight, availWidth, colorDepth, height, pixelDepth, width
History length
back() forward() go()
Location hash, host, hostname, href, pathname, port, protocol, search
assign() reload() replace()

HTML DOM Objects:

DOM Document anchors[] forms[] images[] links[]
cookie, documentMode, domain, lastModified, readyState, referrer, title, URL
close() getElementById() getElementsByName() getElementsByTagName() open() write() writeln()
DOM Events onblur, onchange, onclick, ondblclick, onerror, onfocus, onkeydown, onkeypress, onkeyup, onload, onmousedown, onmousemove, onmouseout, onmouseover, onmouseup, onresize, onselect, onunload
DOM Elements attributes[] childNodes[]
accessKey, className, clientHeight, clientWidth, dir, disabled, firstChild, height, id, innerHTML, lang, lastChild, length, nextSibling, nodeName, nodeType, nodeValue, offsetHeight, offsetLeft, offsetParent, offsetTop, offsetWidth, ownerDocument, parentNode, previousSibling, scrollHeight, scrollLeft, scrollTop, scrollWidth, style, tabIndex, tagName, title, width
appendChild() blur() click() cloneNode() focus() getAttribute() getElementsByTagName() hasChildNodes() insertBefore() item() normalize() removeAttribute() removeChild() replaceChild() setAttribute() toString()
DOM Anchor charset, href , hreflang, name, rel, rev, target, type
DOM Area alt, coords, hash, host, hostname, href, noHref, pathname, port, protocol, search, shape, target
DOM Base href, target
DOM Body aLink, background, bgColor, link, text, vLink
DOM Button form, name, type, value
DOM Form elements[]
acceptCharset, action, enctype, length, method, name, target
reset() submit()
DOM Frame/IFrame align, contentDocument, contentWindow, frameBorder, height, longDesc, marginHeight, marginWidth, name, noResize, scrolling, src, width
DOM Frameset cols, rows
DOM Image align, alt, border, complete, height, hspace, longDesc, lowsrc, name, src, useMap, vspace, width
onabort, onerror, onload
DOM Input Button form, name, type, value
DOM Input Checkbox checked, defaultChecked, form, name, type, value
DOM Input File accept, form, name, type, value
DOM Input Hidden form, name, type, value
DOM Input Password defaultValue, form, maxLength, name, readOnly, size, type, value
DOM Input Radio checked, defaultChecked, form, name, type, value
DOM Input Reset form, name, type, value
DOM Input Submit form, name, type, value
DOM Input Text defaultValue, form, maxLength, name, readOnly, size, type, value
DOM Link charset, href, hreflang, media, rel, rev, type
DOM Meta content, httpEquiv, name, scheme
DOM Object align, archive, border, code, codeBase, codeType, data, declare, form, height, hspace, name, standby, type, useMap, vspace, width
DOM Option defaultSelected, form, index, selected, text, value
DOM Select options
form, length, multiple, name, selectIndex, size, type
add() remove()
DOM Style CSS properties (background, border/outline, generated content, list, misc, margin/padding, positioning/layout, printing, table, text)
DOM Table cells, rows, tBodies
align, background, bgColor, border, caption, cellPadding, cellSpacing, frame, height, rules, summary, tFoot, tHead, width
createCaption() createTFoot() createTHead() deleteCaption() deleteRow() deleteTFoot() deleteTHead() insertRow()
DOM TableCell abbr, align, axis, cellIndex, ch, chOff, colSpan, headers, rowSpan, scope, vAlign, width
DOM TableRow cells[]
align, ch, chOff, rowIndex, sectionRowIndex, vAlign
deleteCell() insertCell()
DOM Textarea cols, defaultValue, disabled, form, name, readOnly, rows, type, value